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Functional & Usability Testing for a leading SCM software

The client offers a leading supply chain and quality improvement software. More than 6,000 manufacturing,
shipping and aerospace companies across 48 countries use various modules of this software to ensure high
quality of their products. The software is built in modules and our client wanted to release the integrated
Beta product, including all modules.
They had quite a few challenges that had to be addressed to see the successful beta launch.
1. The client could not afford to keep a constant QA team at on-site due to budget challenges
2. Having an undersized development team confned the scope of testing into small chunks
3. They were looking for a cost effective solution to carry out testing within lesser turnaround time
To address the challenges and ensure a successful launch, they began evaluating various software testing
vendors who could test each of the modules in a time frame of 2-4 weeks every time they want to make a
release. This is where TestOnDemand team designed a solution which ftted in the client’s situation well.