Automation Testing

Automation Testing
Develop automation scripts for existing functional test cases to drastically reduce cycle time for regression testing, increase test coverage thereby improve test efficiency. Use existing frameworks to automate tests for Web, Mobile and API platforms across Browsers, OSes, devices etc. using multiple automation tools and languages.
Our Approach
  • Over 200 Person years of experience on Commercial and open source technologies
  • Reusable test automation frameworks for popular automation tools with in-built integration with CI systems, Test management & Defect Management Tools
  • Innovative Solutions for Test Automation at both UI and service levels
  • Test automation on Web/Webservices API using Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber, Protractor, Postman, SoapUI etc.
  • Test automation on mobile apps using tools like Silk Mobile, Appium etc.
  • Automation Test Plan Document
  • Function Library (User-defined functions)
  • Automation Framework Document
  • Scripting standards (Part of the Framework)
  • Defect Reports, videos and logs