What is TestOnDemand ?

TestOnDemand  is a just-in-time service to provide short-term, rapid Software and Application testing to organizations who have a need to have flexible test teams

How does it work?

TestOnDemand is intended to be simple to use. Select the service that you need (testers, service packs, custom testing), provide basic information about your specific needs and we will respond back to you with a quote. Once you agree, we will kick-start the engagement on the date required by you.

You can decide to stop the service on a day's notice, in accordance to your requirements, no questions asked.

What does your pricing look like?

For Service Packs, the prices are indicated at the bottom of each pack.

For hiring a tester or for custom testing, the prices depend on the type and scope of work, duration, time zones etc. We will send you the pricing as soon as we review the information you provide

How do I Pay?

All invoices will be in USD and will contain the payment information. We will generate a link once we have a general agreement on the assignment. Using this link, you can pay using a wide variety of payment methods, including Credit Cards, Wire Transfer etc.

What do you need from me to get started?

We will need the following basic information - a quick walkthrough of your application to our technical folks, any documented specifications that you may have and your test cases (if we are executing them). Depending on the type of tester, we may ask for additional information

Can I select the tester?

Every Tester is a Full-time employee, qualified and mentored by a project manager

We make every effort to ensure high quality of all deliverables, but in the rare case you have any issues, you will have access to Project Manager directly to get attention.

TestOnDemand is intended to be quick and easy to use service. Selecting testers by talking takes time and does not align to the nature of this service.

Will I get the same Tester?

For any continuous work, the same team will continue. For non-continuous iterations, we can not guarantee same resources, though we make every effort to do that

Can the Testers work in my time zone?

Yes. Our team can work in the same time zone as your teams. You can also choose to have different testers in different shifts (EST, PST, CST etc.)

What is the environment in which the tester works?

Our testers come with basic Testing infrastructure, such as a Mac/PC, high-speed Internet, Conferencing facilities, access to Test and Defect Management Tools. They can access & use client's environments, if required

We will need to work with your IT teams to set up a VPN to work within your network

How do I know my IP/Data is secure

Our testers work in an office that is access-controlled, monitored by CC cameras, is certified for ISO 27001 and SOC2 and is also HIPAA compliant. If required, our testers will sign individual NDAs

How do I communicate with the testers?

Email, Chat (Hangouts, Skype or your chat environments) and office landlines are provided by default for every tester to communicate with you. Our testers are also trained to use work management tools such as Trello, Asana, Basecamp etc.

How long does it take for the tester to become productive?

The team is usually able to deliver value from the first day. Some testing types, may require additional learning to start the work (understanding of the functionality, tools, data etc.)

How does Custom Testing work or how is it different?

If you have an application to be tested for functionality (manual or automated on a variety of platforms), performance or security, but want to have the Testing provider manage it, TestOnDemand Custom Testing Service is the best fit. Our custom testing services allow you to focus on your business, while we manage the team, plan the testing and provide you with outcomes

What do you need from me to get started?

We will need the following basic information - a quick walkthrough of your application to our technical team, any documented specifications that you may have and your test cases (in case you want us to simply execute them). Depending on the type of testing service, we may ask for additional information

Can you fit your Testing methodology to our company?

Of course. We have worked with companies using Waterfall, iterative process and agile methodologies such as Scrum.

Can you provide any sample deliverables for me to look at and understand your capabilities?

Sure. Just drop us an email and we can provide you with some samples of our work

Will you bring in all the required Testing infrastructure, tools etc. or should we provide?

While we have basic Test Infrastructure, many of our client's prefer the testing using their own environment, Infrastructure, tools etc. in order to integrate smoothly with their other teams.

Do you have experience with my specific type of app or niche domain?

We do have experience with a wide variety of application types across different domains. Even if your product/solution is highly specialized, the basic Testing processes/knowledge can be re-used to ramp up very quickly

What Testing tools are you familiar with?

The most common tools in our skill inventory are - HP ALM, TestRail, TestLink, Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla for Test and Defect Management; Selenium, UFT, Sahi and Cucumber/Capybara for Automated testing; JMeter, HP LoadRunner, NeoLoad, AppDynamics/Dynatrace for Performance Testing and Application Monitoring; HP Fortify, Kali Linux, OWASP ZAP for Security Testing.

How do you price your services?

Once we understand the basics of your application and the specific testing requirements, we provide you with an estimate of costs, schedule and payment milestones. The pricing depends on the type of testing, scope of work, complexity of the application, coverage of platforms etc.

When should I opt for the Service Packs?

Service Packs are based on the commonly expressed needs by customers. You can opt for it when you are clear about the scope of testing & outcomes required. Various options are provided to help you make the choice most suitable to your needs.

Which Pack should I go with? I am confused

We are here to help! Drop us an email outlining your needs and we will suggest the right pack for you

What if my exact needs are not listed in any of the service packs?

Please check out our Custom Testing page. You can fill out a simple form and we will build the right pack for you

Can I mix and match the parameters in the service Packs?

The pricing for each Service Pack has been arrived at after considering each parameter's effect on effort, cost and timelines. Small tweaking may be possible to the selected pack leading to minor change in the cost of the pack. If you want more flexibility, we recommend to go for Custom testing service and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive pricing quote

Do you provide any certification for performance or security of my application?

TestOnDemand is not a Certification Service. Performance and Security of any application depends on a host of factors, such as deployment configuration, network configuration, app security mechanisms etc. which requires more elaborate study.