What is TestOnDemand ?

TestOnDemand  is a just-in-time service to provide short-term, rapid Software and Application testing to organizations who have a need to have flexible test teams

How does it work?

TestOnDemand is intended to be simple to use. Select the service that you need (testers, service packs, custom testing), provide basic information about your specific needs and we will respond back to you with a quote. Once you agree, we will kick-start the engagement on the date required by you.

You can decide to stop the service on a day's notice, in accordance to your requirements, no questions asked.

What does your pricing look like?

For Service Packs, the prices are indicated at the bottom of each pack.

For hiring a tester or for custom testing, the prices depend on the type and scope of work, duration, time zones etc. We will send you the pricing as soon as we review the information you provide

How do I Pay?

All invoices will be in USD and will contain the payment information. We will generate a link once we have a general agreement on the assignment. Using this link, you can pay using a wide variety of payment methods, including Credit Cards, Wire Transfer etc.