Service Packs

When should I opt for the Service Packs?

Service Packs are based on the commonly expressed needs by customers. You can opt for it when you are clear about the scope of testing & outcomes required. Various options are provided to help you make the choice most suitable to your needs.

Which Pack should I go with? I am confused

We are here to help! Drop us an email outlining your needs and we will suggest the right pack for you

What if my exact needs are not listed in any of the service packs?

Please check out our Custom Testing page. You can fill out a simple form and we will build the right pack for you

Can I mix and match the parameters in the service Packs?

The pricing for each Service Pack has been arrived at after considering each parameter's effect on effort, cost and timelines. Small tweaking may be possible to the selected pack leading to minor change in the cost of the pack. If you want more flexibility, we recommend to go for Custom testing service and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive pricing quote

Do you provide any certification for performance or security of my application?

TestOnDemand is not a Certification Service. Performance and Security of any application depends on a host of factors, such as deployment configuration, network configuration, app security mechanisms etc. which requires more elaborate study.